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Precognitive dreams


I also have occasional precognitive dreams. Nothing dramatic- just small events in my everyday life. For instance, I mostly see words during hypnopompia and I later come across them during my writing or research. For instances, I recently saw the word ‘Dadu’. At that time I did not know what it meant and later during my research on the saint poet Kabir, I came across a reference to the sect of Dadu Panthis who are followers of Kabir. On another occasion, I saw a bright pink saree during hypnogogia and later I came across a photo of one of my relatives wearing the same saree !! The photo was taken recently so the possibility of my having seen the photograph some time in the past and then dreaming about it is ruled out. Recently, I accidentally discovered that I could see a bright golden aura like globes around lighted candles in a dim room. I could not see this earlier. 
  “In unwittingly setting up waking consciousness as the sole arbiter of all his knowledge, Western man limits that knowledge unnecessarily. And in regarding other forms of consciousness as mere copies or aberrations of waking consciousness, or else denying their existence altogether, he bars himself from the supreme insight and the highest felicity open to him. Unless he brings the dream and the deep sleep states also into his reckoning, he will continue to be deceived by the Unreal and to mistake the shadow for the substance. Where a dream is really sensible and significant, this is because the consciousness has completely retreated into the heart-centre, has dispensed with the contribution of the brain, and is once again working in complete accord with the master world-image which it finds within the heart. Such a dream then has at least as much status as a definite experience as ordinary waking life but it is a different kind of experience. And its higher worth and significance will be intuitively felt after awakening.

There are rare dreams which are most important because they originate from an altogether loftier level of mind than the animal part of our being. The man who will not listen to the sublime whisper of his Overself during his waking hours will respond more easily during his dreaming ones, when the veil is thinner, partly because his egoistic will is more relaxed and partly because he is actually nearer the source of consciousness. It is dreams of this superior and spiritual character which bear good fruit after the man awakes.”

– Paul Brunton



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Back after a long break


I’ve begun to write after a long time. Not because I wasn’t having any experiences (I was noting them down in my diary) but because I just didn’t feel like. Anyway I have decided to resume my writing and will also be putting down some exceptional experiences that I’ve had recently, beginning with the latest:

During my afternoon naps on 9th and 10th May, I had very vivid hypnagogic after a dry spell. Show shimmering geometric designs in grey and black, a room and  a path leading somewhere. Some very old, forgotten visual memories also surfaced. I checked with the Hindu Lunar calendar and interestingly during these two days, the moon was in Leo and rising Nakshatra (constellation) was Purva Phalguni. I’ve been reading a lot of theories on hypnagogia. Some believe that it is a precursor to lucid dreaming, but I’ve been experiencing hynagogia for the past ten years but only on two occasions did I experience lucid dreaming. I still feel that hypnagogic images have a life of their own, they cannot be controlled by the experiencer and it is almost as if we are looking into some other realm





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Hypnogogic’s diary contd.

Following are some of my hypnogogic experiences. I have noted down the phase of the moon and other asrtological details of that day/night in case there is some pattern or correlation of human sub-conscious with the phases of the moon or constellations:

4th Sept’08, moon in Libra, second day after new moon, Shukla paksha, Svaati nakshatra:

The name “John Bridges” entered my mind as I woke up in the morning. I have never come across this name before.

Found the following from Google search about John Bridges – There was a reference about a book,
An Epitome of the First Book of Dr. John Bridges’ Defence of the Government of the Church of England in Ecclesiastical Matters.

6th Sept, moon in Scorpio, seven days after new moon, nakshatra Vishaakhaa, morning

The names – Jeevan Das and Vishwakant Das entered my mind

7th Sept, moon in Scorpio, seven days before full moon, nakshatra Anuradha, morning

The following sentence entered my mind :’ Don’t take pictures of things that don’t exist. Be sincere in your search’.

10th Sept. , moon in Saggitarius, four days before full moon, nakshatra Purva Saddha, morning

The name Parshuram entered my mind.

Parshuram is a Brahmin warrior in Hindu mythology. He is believed to enjoy eternal life, he still lives and will appear before the world along with the avatar Kalki at the end of Kalyug to vanquish evil from this world.  I had been thinking about writing an article on Imam Khizr, the eternal saint and guide of the Sufis who is also believed to enjoy eternal life. But was not thinking about Parshuram, infact I did not have any knowledge about him untill I had this hypnogogia and looked up this name in the Wikipeida !!

13th Sept, moon in aquarius, one day before full moon, nakshatra Dhanishta, afternoon nap.

 The following sentence entered my mind : ‘If you try the same things you will not reach any higher’.


According to Seth: “When you are in a state that is not the usual waking one (asleep or daydreaming) you are conscious and alert. You merely block out the memory of this experience from the waking ego.

Throughout the ages, some have recognized the fact that there is self-consciousness and purpose in dream and sleep states, and have maintained, even in waking life, the sense of continuity of the inner self. To such people it is no longer possible to completely identify with the ego consciousness. They are too aware of themselves as more. When such knowledge is gained, the ego can accept it, for it finds to its surprise that is not less conscious, but more, and that its limitations are dissipated.

We will understand ourselves as dreamers only if we are also aware of the larger environment in which dreams take place, that we interact in the dream state as we do in the waking one.

There is one self and it focuses its attention in various dimensions. In the waking state it focuses in physical reality. In the dream state it is focused within a different dimension. “

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Lucid dreaming or Desire dreaming ?


I had read a lot about lucid dreaming but never experienced it or made an effort to do so. However on once occasion, I was experiencing a normal dream and suddenly I realized that this was a dream and I decided to have some fun. I was standing by a road side, so I thought to myself, since this is just a dream, I cannot die in this, and stood in the middle of the road, waiting some vehicle to hit me !! Unfortunately none come along and I awoke from the dream.
However recently I have begun to realize, that on several occasions, during the past several weeks, I am experiencing different kind of ‘lucid dream’. It usually happens in the morning when I am about to wake up. I would call it a lucid dream created purely by my suppressed/unconscious/latent desires – a Desire Dream
For instance one of my passions, as a child and teenager was to become a dancer. I would often dance behind closed doors and imagine getting a big applause from an imaginary audience!! I am still fond of dancing, and do indulge in it sometimes in the privacy of my home.
Recently I dreamt that I was with someone, not sure who it was, I was filled with a desire to dance, and next I was wearing traditional dress and dancing, I wanted an audience, and the next moment there were some people looking at me with admiration. I was half awake during this entire experience, the conscious mind then took over, became got slightly embarrassed by the self-indulgence of this ‘desire self’ and the ‘dream’ ended. I think that this is different from the lucid dream I had about the road, because this dream was created and spurred on purely by desire with no thinking brain involved. It was very spontaneous, as if I was thinking into existence what I desired. Almost like magic !!

I feel we acess different levels/dimensions of consciosness or sub-consciousness during normal dreams, lucid dreams, desire dreams and hypnogogia. The contents of which are probably determined by the state of our minds during waking consciousness.


“In Kabbalah dreams are divided into three categories.

The first is concerned with immediate events. This means those involving the three triads centred upon the Yesodic-ego that often carry over into sleep the momentum of mundane activities, such as dreaming that one is still driving a car after a long journey.

The second order is of a deeper nature and is focused upon Tiferet-Self. Here issues of the soul and the individual’s integrity are brought out of the unconscious and projected into the screen of Yesod during sleep so that the ego’s attention is awakened to the problem. …

The third order of dream, in Kabbalah, is called prophetic. … The greater prophets were considered to be awake when they were given these visions. … According to tradition, the soul, during sleep, is free to wander in the World of formation, although the physical connection is never broken. Many dreams have the quality of ‘astral travel’ …

Individuals of a greater development ascend to the upper face of Yezirah and the lower face of Beriah or the transpersonal realm of the Spirit. Here the most highly evolved individuals commune with the Divine during deep sleep and receive revelations ‘face to face’, as the Bible puts it. However, as in everything Kabbalah urges balance, for to become too preoccupied with dreams is to live in the wrong world … and therefore only those dreams that are naturally remembered should be noted. This was the psyche’s original intention. To examine every dream can become obsessional, like X-raying our alimentary canal every time we have a meal.” – Zev ben Simon Halevi, Kabbalah and Psychology, Gateway Books, 1986

According to P.D. Ouspensky, “it is necessary to understand clearly that sleep may be of different degrees, of different depths. We can be more asleep or less asleep, nearer to the possibility of awaking or further from the possibility of awaking.

According to Paul Burnton –

Our waking life is really a kind of sleep, from which we need to wake up.Wakeful life represents only the peak of an iceberg which thrusts itself above the surface. We must study the iceberg as a whole if we would understand its meaning adequately. We may by watching the workings of our own mind in its three phases of sleep, dream and wakefulness, and not by limiting our investigation to the last phase alone, arrive at better understanding of its profounder problems.

The condition which lies between sleeping and waking is not only extremely interesting … but also extremely important, for it is very receptive to suggestion. This infinitesimal intermediate point on the verge of sleep offers a unique opportunity for the practice of concentration. … The final trend of thought held firmly and clearly in consciousness whilst one falls asleep is taken up by the deeper level of mind, which then works upon it in its own mysterious yet effective way. This strange mental power may be utilized to exercise control over dream life. The opportunity to develop it and to free it from foolish or even evil experiences exists within the ante-room of the nightly return to sleep, particularly for those who are more or less habitual dreams.


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Hypnogogia, earth’s magnetic field, nakshatra and the moon

About a two years ago, I read somewhere that the moon and its phases influence human imagination and consciousness. This made me wonder if the moon influences hypnogogic experiences. I then began to make of note of the position of the moon in its lunar mansions (nakshatra) and the phase of the moon in my dream diary. However the notes were more or less random and only in a few cases I was able to record the nakshatra.  I hope to be more systematic in my future observations. I have given below some of these jottings:

8th Feb, 2006, four days before full moon, moon in Taurus, Mrigshirsha nakshatra, just before falling asleep I was very exhausted and my knees were aching – I was in the courtyard of some kind of an ancient stone temple. The stones were darkish metamorphic type. I was looking at a small waterfall flowing down stone steps at the center of the courtyard. I was filled with a feeling of deep serenity.
March 4th/5th day after new moon, afternoon nap – Saw the face of an old man with a beard, long narrow nose, probably European, the hair and beard style appeared to be from the Renaissance period. The whole image seem to be immersed in some kind of a yellowish glow.
8th March, morning, six days before full moon – Woke up with the following words in my head:
‘Madwaana historic consciousness of Mankind’.
I later checked the internet and found a Mt. Madwana in northern Canada among native Indian reserve area. It could also be an acronym for Mt. Damawand in Iran. This mountain is of great importance in Persian mythology.
9th March morning, five days before full moon – A sentence ringing in my head, could not fully recall but it ended with ‘ St. Minohnah/Minonah.’
It is probably a Jewish word and also the name of a lake in the USA.



Yesterday (moon in Cancer, Nakshatra-Aslesha, one day before new moon) I was sleeping in East-West direction with my head towards the East, not intentionally, but our sofa happened to be aligned in that direction. And just as I was waking up the following sentence arose/entered my head -‘ We have yet to see the reversal of many rivers’.

For the past few days the TV was full of news of how the Kosi river in the state of Bihar (I live in India) had changed it’s course spelling havoc by floogind large tracts of land. Also, just before falling asleep I was thinking over the various theories related to hypnagogia. Now the question is whether the above sentence has a symbolic or literal meaning.

 However, I experienced no hypnogogic experience today (moon in Leo, nakshatra – Magha, new moon) during my afternoon nap, instead I woke up with a headache !! Could this be because my head was towards the west instead of east today ? Does the magnetic field of the earth effect hypnogogic experiences ? Does the Moon effect hypnogogic experiences ? After reading the paper, quoted below, I think that there is a possible connection.  I now plan to make a note of these things and see if any such relationship exists.


In a recent article titled, ‘ Hypnagogia – A bridge to other realities’ the writer,  Yu -Wen Shaw, mentions :

“A possible physical explanation for Hypnagogia is rooted in the discovery of magnetite crystals in cells of the brain and meninges. It has been found that there are five million magnetite crystals per gram in the human brain, and twenty times that number in the meninges . These ‘biomagnetite crystals’ are oriented in the brain in a manner that maximizes their magnetic moment, thus allowing the crystals to act as a system, and marking the ability of the brain to sense energy fields . These crystals could very possibly be the cause and explanation behind psychic abilities, as well as the feelings of intuition during states of hypnagogia.

Let us further explore how this phenomenon may be possible. Studies that show the proximity of the crystal-containing brain cells to the pituitary and pineal glands, have led researchers to propose that these glands may use information from the earth’s magnetic field to regulate the release of hormones in the brain, thus directly controlling conscious awareness levels .”

it is possible that there are several parameters, both within the human mind/consciousness and environmetal/cosmic forces which influence hypnogogic experiences. A systematic and scientific study spanning various individuals over a long period of time needs to be done before any conclusions can be drawn.


Nakshatra: A nakshatra or lunar mansion is one of the 27 or 28 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent star(s) in them, that the moonpasses through during its monthly cycle, as used in Hindu astrology.

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A Hypnagogics Diary: Hypnogogia and light sleep

While I have been keeping a dream diary which mostly includes my hypnpgogic/pompic experiences (hence forth referred to as hypnogogic to include both gogic and pompic), I have decided to put them up on my blog as well.

As I look back i realise that I used to indulge in a lot of day dreaming during my childhood days. In addition, as mentioned earlier, I used and continue to have very vivid dreams, some of which I used to note down.

Several years later, when I was in my 30s I began to note a subtle change in the kind of dreams I had at night during deep sleep and the kind of half awake visions and impressions I would get duing my afternoon naps. My naps were, and continue to be, restricted to 20 minutes to half an hour, and are rearely deep sleep states. When I first noticed this change, unlike the normal dreams I had during the night, the afternoon ones were like a string of conscious thoughts trailing off  into visuals in my mind of unfamilar places and locations.  This continued for several years. However duing my early fortys when I had to shift to Delhi with my two sons and was under a lot of emotional and physical stress that I began to experience really vivid hypnogogic imagery, again, during my afternoon naps (some of these have been describe in my previous posts).

After years of experience I can now conclude that majority of my hypnogogic images and words occur duing my afternoon naps and a few, mostly related to words or sentences occur  when I wake up in the morning.

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Hypnopompia and Hypnogogia diary -I

After a perod of several days I have begun to experience hypnopompia and hypnogogia during my afternoon naps.
Two days ago I heard ‘ Raaze takhta bafazaa’ This is Persian but the meaning is not very clear. I checked the dictionary and it means something like – a secret plate/board/writing/ in the air/space.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was half awake the following words were ringing in my ears – ‘Deep among the trees so deep, a tearful drop down let her slip/sleep…’
Today afternoon I saw the face of a young man (probably Caucasoid) wearing a baseball cap. The face seem to be on a T.V screen and the foreground seem to be covered with some writing in English.

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Occult : Hidden forces of life


All that transpires on earth and all beyond

Are parts of an illimitable plan

The One keeps in his heart and knows alone.

Our outward happenings have their seed within,

And even this random Fate that imitates Chance,

This mass of unintelligible results,

Are the dumb graph of truths that work unseen;

The laws of the Unknown create the known.

Absorbed in routine of daily acts,

Our eyes are fixed on an external scene;

We hear the crash of the wheels of Circumstances

And wonder at the hidden cause of things.

Our conscious movements have sealed origins

But with those shadowy seats no converse hold;

No understanding binds our comrade parts;

Our acts emerge from a crypt our minds ignore,

Our deepest depths are ignorant of themselves;

Even our body is a mystery shop;

As our earth’s roots lurk screened below our earth,

So lie unseen our roots of mind and life.

Our springs are kept close hid beneath, within;

Our souls are moverd by powers behind the wall,

In the subterranean reaches of the spirit

A puissance acts and recks not what it means;

Using unthinking monitors and scribes,

It is the casue of what we think and feel…….


– Shri Aurobindo

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Spiritual Springs

I mentioned in an earlier post that every person and a place has an essence. One can sense this very deeply if the person/place in question is giving off a very strong, due to lack of a better word, I would say energy or waves.

I have been going occasionally, since childhood to old temples and ruins in India, and I could always sense something different in their environment. How ever during my recent visit to an ancient Hindu temple in Madurai, South India, I felt an overhelming sense of peace and well being among its walls. I also got this uncanny desire to spend hours staring at the ancient sculptures, and it seemed to me that if I stared long enough, I could tune into the past !! One of the local guides informed me of a tradition in South India, where visitors to such temples would sit down inside the temple to spend quiet moments of contemplation. They believe that the location of the temple is aligned to  tune in with certain geomagnetic fields and cosmic currents which have a beneficial effect on the human spirit. My next visit was to the Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India,where three oceons are believed to converge. Here too, inspite of the noise and the crowd, I could feel an underlying sense of peace, and a keen desire to spend more time here. However I do not get any such feeling when I visit some of the modern temples in India.

Perhaps there are certain places on the surface of earth, along water bodies, mountain tops, underground currents, which give off spiritual energy /waves.

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Antenna of the unconscious mind

My experiences with the prophetic power of hypnogogia leads me to believe that everything in the lives of ordinary people like us is pre-determined according to the law of karma. As mentioned earlier in a previous post, I often dream of minor everyday things like a word or an image which I then come across in the course of few days in real life. Only last night I dreamt about Niagra Falls, saw a visual image of it, and today while watching TV, I chanced upon a programme on Zone Reality channel, it was titled ‘hunting legends’ or something, in which an American – Mason Whinefield was investingating paranormal phenomenon in western part of New York State, and the site in question was in the proximity of Niagra Falls and according to Mason, the Falls might be one of the reasons for the presence of strong spiritual/psychic current in that area. I had never watched his programme before, nor did I have a pre-knowledge of such a programme being aired on Zone Reality.

So the question which comes to mind is whether even the minutest things in our lives are pre-determined ? And whether it is just a question of being able to tune into the right kind of frequency to be able to  forsee our future ?

Is it also possible that due to my deep interest in the spiritual and occult, my unconscious mind is able to tune into, and inform the conscious mind about things/people/events that are related to this area, that I will chance upon in the future ?

During the course of my study of occult and spiritual subjects, there have been numerous co-incidences, which are too many to be called ‘chance events’ where I would come across the books/websites/references related to my interest with hardly any   effort or search. Perhaps the unconscious mind does have some kind of an antenna which leads us to the things/people that are related to the thoughts and feelings that pre-occupy our hearts and minds……

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Multiple consciousness ?

There is another ‘weird’ feeling that I get sometimes, usually when I am sitting quietly in my garden looking at the trees, plants and stones around me, are in a bus riding through unknown streets lined with houses and shops. I can almost ‘ identify’ with the plant, or a stone or a quiet shady corner of the garden as if I could enter into the existence of a lonely stone, or a plant or a balcony overlooking a street, as if I could touch these ‘inanimate’ things with my consciousness, perhaps a kind of multiple consciousness. It is very difficult to describe this feeling/awareness in words.

I just came across a passage by Ouspensky in  ‘In Search of the Miraculous’, which sounds very similar to my experience. Ouspensky describes what happened when he walked around in a state of, what he called,  self-remembering. :

“I used very much to like to wander throught St. Petersburg at night and to ‘sense’ the houses and streets. …. I did not think of anything. I simply walked along while trying to remember myself and looked about; the sensations came by themselves.”


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